Exhibition September 30 – October 1st, 2023

David Levine Gallery

Vernissage: samedi 17-18 juin
de 13h à 17h
Opening: Saturday June 17-18th
from 1-5pm

Les Journées de la Culture

A gallery in the heart of the Laurentiens, surrounded by forest and lakes.

David Levine built the gallery during the pandemic and opened it in 2022 as an opportunity for emerging artists.

The gallery’s main purpose is to be a showcase for artists establishing their artistic careers.  David met many exceptional artists during his bachelor’s in fine arts at Concordia University and realized how important it is to support artistic development.

The project for Les Journées de la culture consists of a visit of the gallery with the artists present to present their works and how each project presented came to life. There is also a walk in the woods to see the outdoor sculptures.  A formal discussion will be held on how to develop and run a gallery as well as presentations on ceramic making, bronze sculpture making, wood carving, steel and aluminum collages with both “tig” and “mig” soldering. Different painting techniques will be presented from the use of oil and acrylic paints as well as pastels and encaustic painting.

A visit of the artists studio is part of the activity.