The David Levine Gallery

The David Levine Gallery was built between 2020 and 2022. It has a 1000 sq. foot footprint, 14-foot-high walls, and a 23-foot-high ceiling with a 300 sq. foot. mezzanine. The gallery is situated in the forest on the property of the main house at 3165 Chemin de la Maison Rouge, Wentworth Nord, Qc. J0T 1Y0.  The gallery’s main purpose is to be a showcase for artists as they are establishing their artistic careers. The idea for the gallery came from my recent years as a student in the BFA program in the faculty of fine arts at Concordia University where I had the opportunity to meet many great artists and better understand the trial and tribulations of a career as an artist in Quebec. 

Since the opening of the gallery, there have been several exhibitions the latest featuring ten artists with over 60 works through the week of the 18th of June to the 25 June. Several works were sold, and each artist retained 100% of the selling price with no cost for using the gallery. 

 A group of artist decided to open an Instagram account under the title of the gallery “The David Levine Gallery “so they could post their works exhibited at the gallery as well as new works being made.  Social medial will be used to present works at the gallery with the objective of holding four exhibitions each year to showcase their work. All works posted can be bought if they have not already been sold and viewed live at the exhibitions. There will be a weekend opening for each exhibition and then visits to the gallery can be organized by appointment.